Tarrant County Community College Programs

Tarrant County Community College Programs

Tarrant County Community College is one of the top-ranked, largest colleges in the United States. They have six campuses in Tarrant County, TX, including a dedicated online campus. The massage therapy program is fully accredited and offers both full-time and part-time options.

What Is Tarrant County Community College?

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Tarrant County Community College was founded in 1965 and opened its first campus in 1967. It is a two-year college which is accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and the Schools Commission on Colleges. Tarrant County Community College is rated as one of the top 20 largest colleges in the United States. They rank 5th in the nation for associate degrees awarded at a community college. They also rank 10th in Texas out of 173 higher education intuitions for their online course offerings. Their mission is “To provide affordable and open access to quality teaching and learning.”

Campuses And Programs

Tarrant County Community College has six locations in Tarrant County which include:

  • Northeast Campus - located in Hurst, TX, in the northeast portion of Tarrant County
  • Northwest Campus - located in the north part of Fort Worth, TX, the northern portion of Tarrant County
  • South Campus - located in the south part of Fort Worth, TX, the southern portion of Tarrant County
  • Southeast Campus - located in Arlington, TX, the southeast portion of Tarrant County
  • Trinity River Campus - located in downtown Fort Worth, TX, at the center of Tarrant County - also offers Weekend College programs which are a combination of in-person courses offered during the weekend and online courses offered at an accelerated rate
  • TCC Connect Campus - this is an online campus with offices in downtown Fort Worth, TX

    Tarrant County Community College offers the following programs:
  • TCC Connect Campus - this is an online campus with offices in downtown Fort Worth, TX

    Tarrant County Community College offers the following programs:
  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate of Arts in Teaching
  • Associate of Science
  • Associate of Applied Science - they offer over 70 types of these degrees
  • Certificate and degree programs in over 60 occupational and technical programs

College Statistics

Tarrant County Community College is the most affordable college in the metroplex with the average cost per semester at only $885. They are an ethnically diverse college and have around 461 international students. Around 58% of students are female while 42% are male. They have 71% part-time students and 29% attend full-time. Other facts about Tarrant County Community College include:

  • A total enrollment of 99,242 students during the 2015-2016 school year
  • 1 in every 21 Tarrant County residents attend classes at Tarrant County Community College
  • 76% of students qualify for financial aid
  • The class sizes have a 25:1 student to teacher ratio
  • They have over 170 clubs and student organizations
  • The average student age is 25 years old
  • They have a variety of intramural sports activities
  • They offer over 50 labs and tutoring locations
  • They offer 50 transfer agreements with other Texas colleges and universities
  • Their mascot is Toro the Trailblazer who joined in 2011    

What Is The Massage Therapy Program Like?

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The massage therapy program at Tarrant County Community College is offered on the South Campus and is accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The program consists of 580 hours and a total of 9 courses. The program length varies from 5 ½ months for full-time students to 9 months for part-time students. The program is offered on a rolling schedule throughout the year. The cost of tuition is $2,900 which does not include testing fees, uniforms, or textbooks.

Admission Process

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In order to apply for the massage therapy program, students must first enroll in Tarrant County Community College. The admission requirements for the massage therapy program include a verbal interview and the ability to pass a criminal background check. Applicants can apply in person or online. Students are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, 2 health certificates, a Texas driver’s license, a social security card, and a personal information form. In addition, if applying for a grant, students will need to submit a TPEG educational grant form. Financial aid is offered through both TPEG and the TCC Foundation.Once the application is submitted, students will be contacted for an interview. Next, they can register for the program in person once they receive program acceptance and their admission documents have been approved. Finally, students must pay their tuition to secure program placement. They are required to pay for the first quarter upfront, which is about half of the total program cost.

Program Description

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The Massage Therapy Certification Program at Tarrant County Community College offers classroom, labs, practicum, and internship methods of instruction in order to teach students the techniques of Swedish Massage. Students will learn several different massage techniques such as:

  • Chair
  • Hot stone
  • Deep tissue
  • Simple foot reflexology
  • 2-therapist massageThere are 9 courses required to complete the massage therapy program:
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Massage Fundamentals I
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Business Practices & Ethics
  • Kinesiology for Massage
  • Massage Fundamentals II
  • Pathology for Massage
  • Internship

Program Completion

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Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a TCC Certification of Completion. They must then successfully pass the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx), established and provided by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB), and the Texas Massage Therapy Jurisprudence exam in order to obtain their massage therapist license. In addition, the state of Texas requires a drug test before issuing a massage therapist license.

How Can Tarrant County Community College Help You Succeed In Your Massage Career?

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Tarrant County Community College offers a wide variety of resources to help their students achieve academic success. They offer campus resources, support services, financial aid, student life, academic help, and veterans' services.

Campus Resources

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Tarrant County Community College’s campus resources aid students with all aspects of their daily lives. Students can purchase school supplies at the campus bookstore, eat a hot meal in the cafeteria, or get fit in one of the gyms. Students also have access to free public transportation through the TCC's EasyRide program. Childcare is offered through the Northeast Campus Children's Center. The center is an accredited teaching facility and lab school for preschool children.

Support Services

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TCC offers more than academic support to their students. Their campus support services extend beyond the classroom to ensure students succeed in their lives inside and outside of campus. TCC offers the following support services:

Care Team

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TCC has a CARE Team on every campus. These dedicated faculty provide consultation and support for students in distress. CARE Team roles include evaluation, assessment, resources, and education.

Career Services

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TCC offers a variety of career services to assist students and alumni to enhance job search skills and find employment. TCC also partners with various employers to promote job openings in a wide array of technical and occupational sectors.


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All TCC campuses have counselors and mental health professionals available to assist students with personal issues, career choices, and any problems that interfere with their academic success

Food Pantries

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TCC offers food pantry services to students in need. They supply non-perishable grocery items to assist students through hard times.

Health Services

Nurse-directed health centers are available on every TCC campus. The health centers offer confidential services free of charge such as treatment for minor illnesses, referrals, health counseling, and education.

Intercultural Network

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The Intercultural Network encourages intercultural awareness, inclusiveness, and academic success through multicultural programs.

Student Accessibility Resources (SAR)

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These programs are offered on each TCC campus for students with disabilities.

Financial Aid

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TCC offers financial aid services to “provide financial assistance to students in a quality manner by eliminating and reducing financial barriers, providing accurate information, and maintaining proper stewardship and fiduciary responsibility.”

Student Life

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Students can connect with others by getting involved on campus through fine arts programs, student clubs, leadership groups, or intramural sports teams. In addition, TCC offers leadership programs to help train our future leaders. They also offer various student activities and a Student Government Association (SGA) to represent the student body and help achieve a collaborative relationship between students, faculty, and administrators.

Academic Help

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TCC offers academic advising services to work with students and help them achieve both academic and personal success. They also offer labs and tutoring services on all of their campuses. TCC has libraries both on their campuses and online to help students find the resources they need. Veterans' services offered at TCC include educational benefits, on-campus VA counselors, in-state tuition, credit for active duty military service, resources and veterans' clubs and organizations.

Veterans' Services

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TCC received recognition as a Top School by the 2018 Military Advanced Education & Transition (MAE&T) Guide to Colleges & Universities. They are also honored as the #2 college in the nation by the Military Times magazine award. They offer support services to assist veterans with their education, career, and life beyond the military.


Tarrant County Community College is an established, premiere institute with campuses located throughout Tarrant County. The campuses offer a wide array of support services to help students both personally and academically. The massage therapy curriculum at TCC is a top-notch program that students should consider above other colleges offering similar programs.

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