The Benefits Of Reiki Massage

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Have you been considering getting a Reiki massage but are not sure what to expect? Reiki is extremely popular right now, as it is a non-invasive method to improve one's mental and physical health. A Reiki massage is a beautiful combination of massage techniques paired with Reiki healing. You will feel better after just one session, and the more sessions you have the better you will feel.

Reiki massage takes about 90 minutes and while it is a simple process, you can expect profound results. It is for anyone, and you do not have to be sick to feel the incredible benefits. Many people get Reiki massages to help with energy or to help manage stress.

What Is Reiki Massage?

Reiki is a method of healing that is widely popular in the health and wellness sector. It uses energetic principles as a non-invasive healing technique. Reiki massage takes these energetic principles and pairs them with massage techniques to create a stress relieving and healing session.

What Are Reiki Healers?

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Reiki healing cannot be done by just anyone, as Reiki healers must go through a series of courses. The courses start with Reiki Level 1, then continuing through Reiki Level 2, and then onto the Reiki Master Course.

What You Can Expect to Experience During Your Session

The beautiful thing about working with a Reiki healer is that you can talk to them openly and comfortably about your needs. It is your choice whether you prefer to be dressed, what position you are in, and how much you want to be physically touched. No matter your comfort level, you can expect to feel deeply relaxed during your session. While you may fall asleep during this time, you will still receive all of the benefits Reiki has to offer.

What to Do After Your Session

Although you may feel more light and at ease, you will be safe to drive. Your body will be performing at an optimal rate, so it is important to continue to care for it after your session. Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food. Many clients benefit from spending the rest of their day relaxing, journaling, and reflecting on their session.

What Is the Difference Between Reiki and Traditional Massage?

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While both practices are natural, non-invasive methods of healing, there are differences between Reiki massage and traditional massage. If you are familiar with massage and have had a great massage before, then you already know how incredibly relaxed you feel afterwards. Reiki and massage are similar in the sense of relaxation that clients feel afterwards. While massage uses manipulation of muscles to achieve relaxation, Reiki uses only the gentle touch of the healer's hands. The hybrid of the two techniques is referred to as Reiki massage.


Massage therapists must attend an accredited school in order to be a licensed massage therapist. There is extensive coursework that includes learning anatomy and physiology as well as massage techniques. Depending on the school, it takes around six months to two years to graduate and become a licensed massage therapist.

Reiki healing is not licensed by any state board, though some courses are more extensive than others. The lowest level of Reiki takes up to a few days to achieve while the highest level takes about a year. Some Reiki Healers decide to continue their education and become Reiki Master Teachers so that they can empower others with Reiki healing.


Some professionals go through schooling to become a licensed massage therapist and then extend their knowledge to learn Reiki. In this case, they combine both practices. With the rise of Reiki healing, it is extremely common to see massage therapy schools also teach Reiki healing to create Reiki massage.

Reiki healers use hand placements rather than massage techniques for healing. Non-reiki massage uses more of a physical action to release pressure from muscles by pressing in certain motions.

Although traditional massage requires practitioners to go through rigorous schooling and have higher certification standards, Reiki healers are in higher demand than ever. 

What Are Some Benefits of Reiki Massage?

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As mentioned before, Reiki massage is the combination of massage and Reiki. This wealth of knowledge the practitioner has allows the client to speak openly about their needs so they can get the most possible benefit out of the experience. Below are some of the most common benefits you can experience after just your first session.

Promotes Balance

Reiki can help to promote balance and harmony. It is a non-invasive healing method that works to enhance the body's healing ability. Reiki works to heal the root of the problem rather than just masking symptoms. Balance will be felt mentally and emotionally, and in many areas, such as balancing and harmonizing masculine and feminine energies.

Relieves Stress and Tension

Reiki can be meditative, allowing you to just "be". Many clients feel lighter, peaceful and more relaxed after a successful Reiki massage. Being present during the session will allow you to resolve internal problems in a more peaceful state of mind so you can leave feeling less stressed long-term.

Dissolves Energy Blocks

With Reiki's ability to promote balance and relieve stress, clients can work through emotional wounds and cope with every day stress more easily. Reiki helps to heal these emotional wounds, which helps to ease mood swings, fear and even anger. Reiki can also enhance your ability to love, opening you up to the people around you and encouraging your relationships to grow.

Supports Immune System

Our bodies become so used to being in fight-or-flight mode from everyday stress that it can be difficult for them to return to a naturally balanced state. Reiki allows our bodies to sleep more soundly and digest more thoroughly, which is important for health and vitality.

Brings Clarity and Improves Focus

Reiki brings you into the present moment, which prevents you from feeling anxious about the future or regretful about the past. It helps you manage what life throws at you rather than trying to plan and predict its every move. This new sense of clarity and improved focus allows you to react situation by situation rather than habitually.

Aids in Better Sleep

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As mentioned before, Reiki brings a sense of peace and relaxation. Though relaxation is vital for a good night's sleep, it is often difficult to achieve full relaxation. Sometimes clients are so deeply relaxed during their sessions that they fall asleep. Even after a Reiki massage, clients often feel relaxed in their day-to-day lives, allowing for better sleep in the future. 

Promotes Healing in the Body

The benefits of a Reiki massage encourage your body's vital functions - breathing, digesting and sleeping. Physically, clients may feel relief from migraines, arthritis, sciatica and symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopause, and even insomnia.

Helps Spiritual Growth

While you do not need to be a spiritual person to receive the many benefits of Reiki, many clients enjoy sessions because of the elevation in spiritual growth. Reiki can provide guidance on what actions to take in a stressful situation or may even change your beliefs about your current situation. It allows you to see things from a fresh perspective or direct you to take action guided from within.

Accelerates Self-Healing

One of the first things you will notice during your session is an improvement in your breathing. With natural and calm breaths, your blood pressure and heart rate will begin to improve. Science has shown that when we breathe better, our minds begin to settle. Your body prefers to be in this state, allowing the healing process to speed up naturally.

Complements Medical Treatment

Reiki helps to relax the levels of stress in the mind and body which can speed up the healing process. In some sessions, the healer does not even need to touch the body if the client has painful burns or major injuries. One of the most amazing aspects of Reiki massage is that it is for everyone, no matter what medical conditions they are currently struggling with, since it is a non-invasive treatment.


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Reiki healing is a method that uses energetic principals as a non-invasive healing technique. Reiki massage takes these energetic principals and pairs them with massage techniques to create a stress-relieving and healing session. Reiki healers must go through several courses in order to practice Reiki massage. While a traditional massage uses techniques to loosen muscles physically, Reiki healing sometimes doesn't require physical touch at all.  Many massage schools are now combining Reiki and traditional massage to create a powerful healing experience for the client. There are so many benefits to getting a Reiki massage, and you do not have to be sick to get a Reiki massage. Some of these benefits include accelerated self-healing, spiritual growth, increased focus, better sleep and relaxation. If you have any medical issues, a Reiki massage can even complement your treatment.

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